The Process Dashboard

The Software Process Dashboard Project is an open-source initiative to create a PSP(SM) / TSP(SM) support tool.

We feel that the PSP and the TSP are remarkable technologies that can change the face of the software industry, and we share the SEI’s zeal to promote their widespread use. We feel that a freely available, powerful support tool could help to remove one of the most significant barriers to PSP / TSP adoption. We therefore aim to develop a world-class tool under the open-source model, and distribute it freely to anyone using the PSP and/or TSP. We feel that this is the least we can do to thank the SEI for developing and distributing these remarkable processes.

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Tuma Solutions Funding for the project is provided by many generous sponsors who purchase support, consulting services, and server licenses from Tuma Solutions, LLC.

The Software Process Dashboard Project Team also extends its appreciation to the following vendors, who donate free software licenses and services to open source projects, including the Process Dashboard:

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Personal Software Process(SM), PSP(SM), Team Software Process(SM), and TSP(SM) are service marks of Carnegie Mellon University. The open source team that writes the Process Dashboard is not affiliated with Carnegie Mellon University.