Process Dashboard Enterprise Server

The development team is excited to announce a significant addition to the Process Dashboard product family: the Process Dashboard Enterprise Server.

The Process Dashboard Enterprise Server is a commercial product that complements the open source application. The server licensing fees shown below help to fund the continuing development and enhancement of the Team Process Dashboard.

Monthly SaaS Subscription

Tuma Solutions provides a SaaS offering of the Enterprise Server, with a subscription cost of $5 USD per user per month. Click a button below to subscribe, or contact for more information.

Select number of users:

Self-Hosted Private Server

Organizations with many Process Dashboard users can benefit from running a private instance of the Enterprise Server within their network. Prices below are one-time fees that allow perpetual use of the server by the given number of individuals, translating into significant savings:

Number of Users
50 100 200 Unlimited
Enterprise Server $2000 $3500 $4500 $8000
Enterprise Server with Data Warehouse $4000 $6500 $8500 $13000

Prices include:

  • Technical support during the installation and configuration process
  • One year of technical support for the system administrator who manages the Enterprise Server
  • One year of upgrades to the Enterprise Server/Data Warehouse software

All prices are in USD. Import/sales taxes, if applicable, are not included in the prices above.

For More Information

For more information, or to purchase the Enterprise Server, please contact Tuma Solutions at