The current version of the Process Dashboard is 2.7 (released September 15, 2023). Download options:

Process Dashboard with PSP(SM) and TSP(SM) Process Extensions
Most Popular OptionThe standard installer, which includes support for the PSP(SM) and TSP(SM) processes.
Windows Mac / Unix / Linux
Process Dashboard with PSP Course Support
The Process Dashboard with materials to support the delivery of PSP training courses.
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Process Dashboard Source Code
The source code for the Process Dashboard
Download as ZIP Download/browse via git

Upgrade Considerations

Teams are encouraged to upgrade together. Some new features may not work properly until all team members have upgraded, then exported their data at least once.


The Process Dashboard is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3.

PSP and TSP process materials are distributed via special permission from Carnegie Mellon University; their use is subject to license.

Installation Instructions

  • Before attempting to install the dashboard, make certain you have installed the required software listed below. In particular, the Process Dashboard installer program will not run if you do not have the Java Runtime Environment installed on your computer.
  • After you download the Process Dashboard Installer, double-click on the file to start the installation process. (If this does not work for you, read these instructions for launching the installer manually.)
  • Please consider subscribing to our announcements mailing list. (This list is very low-traffic, typically receiving only a few email messages per year.) We will send email to this mailing list when new versions of the tool are available.

System Requirements

The Process Dashboard is 100% Java and will run on many different platforms, including Windows, Linux, Unix, and Macintosh systems.

To use the process dashboard, you must first install the following software:

  • The Java Runtime Environment (available here), version 1.6 or higher. Java 11 is strongly recommended.
  • Make certain that JavaScript is enabled in your browser. (This is typically the default setting, so you usually don’t need to worry about enabling this unless you explicitly disabled it in the past.)
  • If you connect to the internet via a proxy server, you may need to tell your browser to bypass the proxy for the address “localhost”. The instructions below may not apply to your browser word-for-word, but should hopefully get you pointed in the right direction:
    • For Internet Explorer, choose “Tools > Internet Options”. Click on the “Connections” tab, then on the “LAN Settings” button. Make certain the “Bypass proxy server for local addresses” box is checked.
    • For Firefox and Safari, no changes are typically needed.

Interim Beta Releases

Public releases of the Process Dashboard generally occur once or twice a year. However, the Process Dashboard is under active development all year long. If you would like to experiment with new functionality, or you need a fix for a particular bug, you can download a beta version of the software. Beta releases are generally near-production quality, but often do not include documentation updates in the help for the new features.

Process Dashboard Beta Version with PSP(SM) and TSP(SM) Process Extensions
An interim, beta release of the dashboard for teams and individuals who wish to use the latest functionality.
Windows Mac / Unix / Linux Source code Change log