Team Dashboard Training Opportunity

The Process Dashboard development team is pleased to announce a valuable and unprecedented training opportunity.

A full-day tutorial will be provided on Monday, November 3rd, 2014, covering both basic and advanced usage of the Team Process Dashboard. This hands-on tutorial will be led by David Tuma, the creator of the Process Dashboard. An overview of the tutorial is shown below.

This tutorial will be held in conjunction with the 2014 TSP(SM) Symposium in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Visit for more information and to register.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to accelerate your organization’s process improvement efforts. Feel free to contact the Process Dashboard development team with any questions. We look forward to seeing you there!

Empowering Teams with Great Data: Using the Process Dashboard

Successful project management leverages well-chosen tools to establish an empowered culture. Accordingly, tool expertise (or lack thereof) can either be a key enabler or a limiting factor for the speed and effectiveness of your process improvement efforts. This tutorial shows participants how to perform many fundamental and advanced project management techniques using the open-source Process Dashboard application.

The session is designed to benefit a broad range of individuals:

  • Those new to the Dashboard wishing to jump start their training and ability
  • Experienced users of Dashboard seeking a higher level of mastery

Prior use of the Process Dashboard is helpful but not required.

Participants will be provided with the mindset, experience and skills to use the tool more effectively so their teams and organizations can work smarter, with less overhead.

Tutorial topics will include:

  • Team Planning (Launch)
    • Preparing for a successful project launch
    • Leveraging dashboard functionality to empower and accelerate team planning efforts
  • Team Working
    • Collecting data, managing team and personal plans, and facilitating team work
    • Understanding, using, and customizing reports to monitor team progress, pinpoint project problems, and report to management
  • Postmortem and Replan (Relaunch)
  • Deeper Understanding
    • Insight into the underlying data and tool architecture greatly accelerates mastery and usage of the Dashboard
  • Advanced Topics
    • Tips and tricks for using the Dashboard faster and more effectively
    • Advanced features for high-maturity teams

Attendees will gain the skills, mindset, and experience to:

  • Use the Process Dashboard confidently during TSP launches
  • Use the tool more effectively and work smarter, with less overhead
  • Apply advanced techniques for project planning and tracking
  • Transition these skills to others in their organization

Attendees who can bring a laptop computer will benefit from hands-on experience as they follow along with the live demonstrations.

TSP(SM) is a service mark of Carnegie Mellon University.