Team Process Data Warehouse

The Process Dashboard development team is proud to announce the newest release of the Process Dashboard tool suite. This release includes many new features; the most important is that we are unleashing data to a whole new level of usage – and future promise.

Teams using the TSP(SM) are exceptional due to the richness of the data they collect. But up to now, as a community we have mostly been limiting our use of this data to simple, one-project-at-a-time analyses. To a large extent, this has been unavoidable because the data has been held up inside the various tools we use.

This release changes that paradigm with the introduction of the Team Process Data Warehouse.

The Team Process Data Warehouse is the result of several years of analysis and design. It is designed to hold data from any number of high-maturity project teams across one or more organizations. The data structure is designed to allow fast, expressive queries across vast amounts of project data. It is not process- or domain-specific, so it can be used to analyze data collected by teams that do not write software. And it has been explicitly designed to be tool-agnostic, to allow the merging of data from multiple different data sources (not just the Process Dashboard).

At the team level, this creates a wealth of new opportunities for custom reporting and analysis. To this end, a lightweight version of the warehouse is now embedded in Team Dashboard 2.0. This embedded warehouse provides SQL-queryable access to the data for a single team, across all the various projects and project iterations they have performed. As always, this team level experience is available for download free of charge.

The ROI increases exponentially at the organizational level, where the Team Process Data Warehouse opens the door to a new era of possibilities for reporting, analysis, data mining, and data integration. To take advantage of these opportunities, organizations can deploy the Process Dashboard Enterprise Server. This paid-for feature set enables organizations to increase the impact of their data usage and decrease the labor they need to realize it. Contact Tuma Solutions for more information.

As a demonstration of this new power, the existing charts and reports in the Team Dashboard have been reengineered to pull data from the lightweight embedded data warehouse. Benchmarks show some reports appearing 100 to 1000 times faster than before. The Team Dashboard also starts up and shuts down many times faster.

But these changes are just the beginning. The real power/opportunity comes next, as the entire community can begin using off-the-shelf analysis and reporting products to develop new/custom charts, reports, data analysis and data mining tools. The team and organizational warehouses share the same schema, allowing vertical reusability of these newly created reports and tools. Organizations that are willing to share their creations with the rest of the community can receive design and analysis support from the Process Dashboard development team.

As part of this new paradigm of the Process Dashboard, we are also making a number of new learning opportunities available to the community.

As we embark on this next phase of the high-maturity process improvement journey, we would greatly appreciate your feedback. We invite you to take a quick survey (estimated time less than 7 minutes) that will help guide us in providing the most value to you. The survey is available at

We look forward to the exciting road ahead!