Manually Install Team Dashboard Product Key

On behalf of the entire Process Dashboard user community, the Process Dashboard development team thanks you for your support!

In order to view the enhanced charts and reports, your new product key needs to be installed. The Process Dashboard includes automated support to help make this process point-and-click simple. To install your product key, please take these steps:

  1. Open the Team Dashboard dataset that needs a product key.
  2. Choose “C → Help → About Process Dashboard.”
  3. When the “About” dialog appears, click the “Product Keys” tab. (No “Product Keys” tab? Click here.)
  4. On the “Product Keys” tab, click the hyperlink to “obtain and/or install new product keys.”
  5. A “Product Key Installation Wizard” will appear in your web browser. Follow the instructions. When you reach the “Donation Options” page, click on the link to indicate that you “have already made a contribution.” Then enter your product key in the field provided, and click “Next.”
  6. A confirmation page will be displayed, showing the information about your product key. Review the details, and click Install.