Process Dashboard Enterprise Server

The development team is excited to announce a significant addition to the Process Dashboard product family: the Process Dashboard Enterprise Server.

The Process Dashboard Enterprise Server complements the open source Process Dashboard application to provide a wealth of new features and benefits:

The Process Dashboard Enterprise Server facilitates effective team coordination and overcomes a number of technical challenges that some teams face.

Fast and easy team setup

  • Process Dashboard client software is installed automatically, with just a few clicks in a web browser.
  • Teams no longer need to create shared network directories or troubleshoot team member filesystem access.
  • A streamlined joining process eliminates the need to send emails, to keep the Team Dashboard running while people join, and to troubleshoot network problems caused by firewalls and proxy servers.
  • Team data privacy is protected automatically, without the need to manually configure filesystem permissions, and without the ongoing headache of reconfiguring permissions when team membership changes.
  • Together, these changes save time and minimize technical distractions during a project launch.

Easier access to team data

  • By granting permissions, you can allow selected individuals to view Team Dashboard data.
  • A “time machine” feature makes it possible to view team reports, charts, and data as they appeared at any point in the past.
  • You can quickly and easily access data from a new or different computer, without needing to run a Team Dashboard installer first. For example, you can easily access team data from a conference room computer during a team launch or weekly meeting.
  • Existing team project data (from past and current projects) can be easily migrated into the server with no team downtime.
  • If the appropriate permissions are granted, a team leader or planning coordinator can open the personal dashboard on behalf of a team member who is out of the office (for example, to perform a “Sync” so recent plan changes will appear in the team rollup).

Seamless support for diverse teams

  • Geographically distributed teams can easily collaborate on a team project, even if they are on separate LANs and different continents. The application opens quickly, without lag caused by slow network connections.
  • Teams using a mixture of Windows/Mac/Linux computers do not have to struggle with operating system differences during the project setup and joining process. In addition, team leaders can easily and transparently open the Team Dashboard from a variety of Windows/Mac/Linux computers.

For More Information

For more information, or to purchase the Enterprise Server, please contact Tuma Solutions at