Process Dashboard Enterprise Server

The Team Process Dashboard is an open source tool supporting the enactment of high-maturity processes. The Process Dashboard provides powerful support for teams, and is actively used by thousands of people worldwide.

In larger organizations, as software process improvement initiatives complete their pilot projects and begin rolling out high-maturity techniques to a broader audience, it is important to plan and manage many aspects of the technology transition. Tool support is one part of this plan, and large organizations can benefit from enterprise level services that help them to manage the deployment of process tools.

For that reason, the Process Dashboard development team is excited to announce a significant addition to the Process Dashboard product family: the Process Dashboard Enterprise Server.

Features / Benefits

The Process Dashboard Enterprise Server complements (does not replace) the open source Process Dashboard application to provide a wealth of new benefits:

  • Simplified Deployment
    • Individuals do not need to run the Process Dashboard installer; they simply click on a website hyperlink to automatically install the software and open a personal or team dashboard
    • When a new version of the Process Dashboard is available, individuals do not need to manually upgrade; the system administrator can control the rollout (or rollback) of new software
    • New personal dashboards and team dashboards can be created with a few clicks
  • Simplified Team Data Coordination
    • Supports geographically distributed teams, including teams spread across multiple continents
    • Eliminates the network connectivity issues that sometimes complicate the team project joining process
    • Eliminates cross-platform issues for teams with a mix of Windows / Unix / Linux / Mac OS X
    • Eliminates the need for shared network directories
    • “Time Machine” feature makes it possible to view team reports, charts, and data as they appeared at some point in the past
  • Organizational Data Access
    • Integrates with corporate LDAP or Active Directory for authentication and authorization
    • Permissions can be granted on each team and personal dashboard, specifying the people who are allowed to view the data
    • Process coaches can be granted the ability to search for and open any team or personal dashboard
    • Persists team and personal data to a relational database, providing a single enterprise-level source for data backup and disaster recovery
    • (Optional add-on) Team project metrics are exported nightly to a powerful enterprise data warehouse, for access by third-party reporting and data mining tools


The Process Dashboard Enterprise Server is a commercial product, and will not be released as open source. Instead, the licensing fees from the Server will help to fund the continuing development and enhancement of the open source Team Process Dashboard application. In this way, large organizations can receive the enterprise tools they need, and every organization (both large and small) can continue to benefit (at no cost) from the extensive and growing functionality that is provided by the open source tool.

For More Information

If your organization is interested in the Enterprise Server, please contact for more information.