Process Dashboard Mobile Companion App

The Process Dashboard is a very useful program for project planning and tracking, but it only runs on desktop computers. Fortunately, a mobile app is now available for iPhone® and iPad®.

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The mobile app works as a companion to the Process Dashboard, making it possible to perform a number of common tasks from your smartphone or tablet, such as:

  • Reviewing the list of tasks you’re responsible for
  • Logging task time, and editing past time logs
  • Updating the estimated time for a task
  • Marking tasks complete

The data you collect in this app is automatically synchronized with data in the Process Dashboard, and vice-versa.

Important Notes:

  • This app does not replace the Process Dashboard. You will still need to open the main Process Dashboard program on your computer to export your data, and to perform other project-related tasks.
  • To use this app, your data must be managed by a Process Dashboard Enterprise Server. If your organization is not running the Enterprise Server, you unfortunately will not be able to use this mobile app.
  • This app does not work offline (yet). Your phone/tablet will need a network connection to the Enterprise Server while you are using this app. For most people, this means your phone/tablet will need to be connected to your organization’s WiFi or VPN.


The mobile app was written by Arun Balaji, Shone Jin, and Yun Lei, with generous support from the faculty of the Software Engineering Masters Programs at Carnegie Mellon University.

Why is the Enterprise Server needed?

The Process Dashboard maintains a database of your personal data. In most cases, this data is saved in files on your computer’s hard drive. But of course, your smartphone can’t easily access your computer’s hard drive. Instead, the smartphone needs to be able to access your data through the “cloud.”

However, the data in your personal dashboard is extremely sensitive. It contains information about projects your company is working on, including delivery timelines, cost, productivity, defects, and quality measures. The organizations we surveyed guard this data very closely, and most said they would not allow it to be stored on a server in the Internet. Instead, a “cloud” service running inside the corporate network is needed.

The Process Dashboard Enterprise Server provides these “cloud” services. It keeps the data you collect in sync between your computer and your smartphone, and it provides a number of other features that help you and your team to be more efficient. If your organization is not using the Process Dashboard Enterprise Server, ask your team leader or process coach to look into the many benefits the server can provide your organization.

How and when is the mobile app updated?

The mobile app is a great convenience for people who spend time away from their desks. Of course, daily users of the mobile app are likely to identify new features that would make it even more useful.

Fortunately, the mobile app is an open-source project, hosted on GitHub. If you have skills in mobile app development and you would like to contribute, please contact the Process Dashboard development team.

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