Mobile App Privacy Policy

The Process Dashboard team has always been committed to privacy. Keeping your personal data safe, and protecting it from improper use, is one of our central concerns.

  1. When you use the Process Dashboard Mobile Companion app, your data is stored on an Enterprise Server that is managed by your organization. The mobile app downloads this data and stores copies on your smartphone/tablet, but never shares your personal data with any third party. The IT staff in your organization should follow industry-standard security practices (such as the use of TLS, and/or restricting access to within the corporate WAN) to ensure that others cannot eavesdrop on your data while it is in transit.
  2. During the login process, a URL shortening service is used to reduce the number of characters that you need to type into your phone or tablet. This service is only used to store the location of your data; nothing sensitive or private is transmitted.
  3. The Process Dashboard team may collect anonymous usage statistics about how individuals are using the app (such as the number of users on various device models) to help us improve the app. But these statistics will never include any of your personal data.

Last modified: 1 August 2016