Installing the Process Dashboard on Windows Without Administrator Rights

In today’s global IT environment, different organizations have different security policies. Some organizations choose to lock-down the configuration of the computers on their network.

As a result, many people work on computers or laptops where they do not have administrator privileges. Fortunately, no special permissions are required to install or run the Process Dashboard.

If you download the “Windows” installer for the Process Dashboard, that installer will currently ask for elevated rights. The installer is asking for these rights because many people like to install the dashboard in the C:\Program Files directory, and elevated permissions are required to write files there.

However, if your user account does not have admin rights, you can easily install the dashboard by following these steps:

  1. Download the “Unix / Linux / Mac” installer
  2. Run that installer by double-clicking (or follow these instructions if double-clicking does not work)
  3. When the installer prompts for the directory where the application should be installed, change the default so that it does not name a directory underneath C:\Program Files. You can choose any directory that you have permission to write to.