Enhanced Charts FAQ

This page provides answers to some common questions about the Enhanced Charting package.

Q: Why are you asking for contributions in exchange for the enhanced charts?
A: The Process Dashboard has been in active development since 1998. Using conservative cost models, this has been a nearly $4 million software development effort – but we are pleased to be able to give the Process Dashboard to everyone free of charge.

Of course, this never would have been possible without the selfless submissions from open source contributors, and the generous financial support of government and corporate sponsors. To express our gratitude to these sponsors, we have created this special collection of enhanced charts and reports. We feel it is the least we can do to show our appreciation.

Of course, we never stop developing and enhancing the dashboard, and we always welcome new sponsors and contributors! If you find the Process Dashboard to be useful, and you would consider giving something back to help make the dashboard even better, we’re happy to share these charts and reports with you, too.

Ultimately, open-source software is a community effort. When more people contribute to the community, everyone benefits. So we have created this enhanced charting package as a way of rewarding the organizations and teams that actively participate in this community.

Q: Is my donation to the Process Dashboard Initiative tax-deductible?
A: Sorry, the Process Dashboard Initiative is not a registered charitable organization, so donations are not tax deductible.
Q: Someone in my organization’s procurement department has to make the donation on my behalf, but they do not have the Process Dashboard installed. Is this possible?
A: Have your procurement agent visit http://www.processdash.com/donationOptions and purchase the appropriate product key. They will receive an email containing a product key, which they can forward to you. In that email, you will also find a hyperlink to the product key installation instructions.
Q: I made a donation and purchased a license by mistake. How can I get a refund?
A: Send an email message to refunds@tuma-solutions.com and we will be glad to help.
Q: I do not wish to give back to the Process Dashboard community. How do I uninstall the enhanced charts so they no longer appear in my Task & Schedule Chart window?
A: Take these steps:

  • Start the Process Dashboard.
  • Choose “C → Help → About → Configuration”
  • The Configuration tab will display the directory location where the Process Dashboard is intalled.
  • Find that directory on your computer, and delete the extras.jar file that you find there.
  • Shutdown and restart the Process Dashboard.
Q: You are not giving away the source code for the enhanced charts. Isn’t that a GPL violation?
A: Under normal circumstances, the presence of GPL code in an application requires the entire application to be released under the GPL. However, the Process Dashboard is distributed under GPLv3 with an additional permission grant. If you view the license for the Process Dashboard, you will see the following paragraph at the end:

The following additional permission is granted, under the terms of section 7 above: If you modify this Program, or any covered work, by linking or combining it with modules that have been produced, distributed or approved by Tuma Solutions, LLC (regardless of the license terms of those modules), the licensors of this Program grant you additional permission to convey the resulting work.

This clause has been present since the first release of the dashboard. It is crucially important because some of the third-party materials distributed with the dashboard (like the PSP(SM) scripts) cannot be released as open source.

Please note: if you were to pick up a piece of GPL software that someone else wrote, you would not have the right to add this clause to the license. We were only able to add this clause because every line of GPL code in the dashboard was written by or on behalf of Tuma Solutions, LLC.