Process Dashboard Version 1.7 RC1

The development team for the Software Process Dashboard Initiative is pleased to announce the availability of version 1.7 RC1 of the Process Dashboard!

This version of the dashboard is a release candidate:

  • Multilingual users are invited to create translations using the new Localization Tool, and send them to the Process Dashboard development team for inclusion in the final release.
  • Please report defects to the Process Dashboard development team for attention before the final release.

Version 1.7 RC1 includes these significant new features:

  • The Process Dashboard now contains extensive, powerful functionality to support project teams, including:
    • Support for team projects (to roll-up metrics and schedule data from several individuals) and master projects (to roll-up metrics and schedule data from several teams)
    • Streamlined project planning tools enable rapid creation of balanced, top-down team project plans
    • Powerful reporting tools allow the creation of custom forms, charts, and reports that analyze project metrics and earned value at the team level
    • Tracking of task dependencies assists with coordination of work within and across project teams
  • The Process Dashboard now contains extensive support for internationalization. A Localization Tool is provided to help users translate dashboard messages into their native language, and share those translations with other users.
  • Memory usage and startup time have been reduced dramatically for individuals with many historical projects.
  • The dashboard contains several enhancements to earned value functionality:
    • A new task navigation option makes it easier to work through the tasks in an earned value plan.
    • The plan and forecast lines on the earned value charts can be toggled off.
    • The earned value report can display your task list hierarchically, and display rolled-up calculations such as “percent complete” at various levels.
    • Export a GANTT chart of an earned value plan to MS Project
    • Export an HTML snapshot of an earned value plan, for status reporting and collaboration
  • The Data Analysis center has been enhanced to support custom processes. Users who define a custom process will see customized versions of Report 3, 4, and 5 for their process.
  • The dashboard can be opened in read-only mode, making it possible for a mentor/coach to look at dashboard data without worrying about accidentally changing data.
  • It is now very safe to use a networked directory for storage of dashboard data; the logic that saves changes will detect and recover from sporadic network outages.
  • Time values are displayed on dashboard forms in hours and minutes.