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Process Dashboard 1.13

Process Dashboard Version 1.13 has been released, containing many significant new features.

  • Several enhancements have been made in the Work Breakdown Structure Editor:
    • A strikethrough font is now used in the "Assigned To" column to indicate which individuals have completed a multi-person task.
    • "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons have been added to the toolbar.
    • The Team Member List will now allow you to reorder individual team members using drag-and-drop.
    • If you are starting a new project iteration, you can now use Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V to copy and paste team members from the old team member list to the new team member list.
    • In the past, when individual team members open the WBS from their personal dashboard, the WBS Editor would sometimes unexpectedly open in read-only mode. This problem has been corrected.
    • In the past, the Team Dashboard's Team Project Parameters and Settings page displayed a checkbox allowing the team leader to decide whether team members could edit the WBS. This checkbox has been moved into the Work Breakdown Structure Editor itself, in the "Edit > Preferences" dialog. As a result, if a team leader has locked down the WBS (forbidding edits by team members), they will need to reaffirm this choice in the "Edit > Preferences" dialog of the WBS Editor after upgrading to version 1.13
    • If you insert a workflow underneath a component that has a LOC size estimate, the "Code" or "PSP" task in that workflow will automatically inherit that LOC estimate.
    • The selection colors have been modified to produce better readability on Mac OS X.
  • Several enhancements have been made in the WBS Common Team Workflows window:
    • It is now possible to define a workflow that distributes time across various phases using percentages, even if your team does not use size estimates or historical productivity rates.
    • The keyboard accessibility of the Common Team Workflows editor has been improved. Keystrokes such as Tab, Enter, Delete, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, and Ctrl-X will now perform more intuitive, spreadsheet-like behaviors when the focus is not in the first column.
    • The Task Size Units column now supports autocompletion.
    • The semantics of the "%" column have changed for tasks in a workflow that are performed by more than one person. Please consult the help documentation for more information.
  • Several enhancements have been made in the Task & Schedule window:
    • When an individual views one of their personal earned value task lists in the Task & Schedule window, they will see a "Notes" column that allows them to view and edit the notes associated with each component or task.
    • A strikethrough font is now used to indicate tasks that are 100% complete.
    • When an individual views one of their personal earned value task lists in the Task & Schedule window, the schedule pane (in the lower portion of the window) now contains a "Notes" column. This column can be used to record arbitrary information about a particular schedule period, such as the reason why a particular week has an unusual number of planned or actual direct task hours.
    • When you toggle from "Tree View" to "Flat View" and back, the currently selected task will be preserved.
  • A new charting and reporting extension is available. This optional extension can display Gantt charts, burn-down charts, and several other useful views of earned values schedules.
  • The Defect Log Editor now provides a feature to Import defects from the system clipboard. This can be used to copy and paste defects from an external source, like a web page or an Excel spreadsheet.
  • The "Tools > Preferences" dialog now provides an "Always on Top" option. (This feature will only appear if you are using Java 1.6 or higher.)
  • If you pause the timer on the main dashboard toolbar, it will pause the "Fix Time" timer on the currently active defect dialog as well. If you subsequently resume the main dashboard timer, it will resume the defect fix timer as well.
  • The dashboard has always allowed you to set an "END" date for a personal earned value schedule. (This feature is typically used to record the date when an individual will unequivocally leave a project team, due to an impending reassignment.) When an individual with an END date is assigned too much work, their personal schedule may project that certain tasks will "never" be completed. Although that information is useful at an individual level, it can result in a frustrating lack of insight at the team level. Now, when one of these schedules is a part of a team schedule, the team rollup schedule will hypothetically rebalance these tasks to the rest of the team, calculate the date when the rest of the team might complete the tasks, and display that completion date in the team's "merged" view. The "Assigned To" column for such a task will indicate that the task has been hypothetically rebalanced to the team.
  • Fixes for several bugs: #3064050, #3064051, #3064053, #3064054, #3064057, #3064059, #3064060.